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When your the mom of the kid people hate


There is no easy autism

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When you have to choose between your child and your dog

I’m not sure there is a more humiliating scenario than when you get denied Care Credit and no animal hospital will take your dog without a credit card or proof of payment, even as you are crying in desperation.


When I held my baby girl for the first time and looked deep into her blue eyes, I was filled with love and dreams. I imagined her laughing, dancing at recitals, and wondered what style wedding dress she would want to wear someday. I couldn’t wait for all of the mother-daughter bonding we would share together over our lives. While I know we will probably still experience those things, I never imagined we would be here, three years later, kicked out of multiple daycare centers, isolated from “friends” and “family,” feeling completely and utterly financially and emotionally drained.

Kicked out of preschool

The first thing that every daycare center and summer camp needs is better training, and higher qualifications for their staff. This is currently a minimum wage industry, but our children deserve more. They deserve better. For what parents pay in tuition and registration fees to attend these programs, we need to raise the bar higher, much higher. Two and three-year-olds are not dangerous, they need guidance and support from adults, from those who brand themselves to be the experts in children.