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When I first started my page back in 2016, it was to share funny stories about my mother-daughter  bond and our journey. it was meant to be fun. She always made me laugh and did things that seemed quirky and cute. But then she was diagnosed with Autism in 2017 and I went off grid for a while. I grieved, I denied it, and I had a nervous breakdown at some point. While my posts continued, I found myself refraining from getting too personal. I had a career to protect and wanted my privacy. 

But then, 2018 was an even tougher year for our family as our daughter’s struggles continued. We found ourselves out of daycare again. We hired babysitters, immersed our child into more therapy, and I quickly found myself out of a job I had spent a decade of my life. Back in November I began writing again with a different mission. My blog was going to create awareness, understanding, and hopefully foster acceptance of children like mine out in the world. I had felt a great deal of rejection, exclusion, and frustration that no family should feel. 

Since I literally have nothing to lose, I am here to share my entire journey in hopes of helping other families. The e-mails and private messages I receive from other parents keeps me going and I am no longer afraid to talk about it. I am not ashamed of our life, our journey, or our children. 

I have been teaching college English part-time for several years now and I have never felt like my job could be jeopardized from writing about my children’s abilities and disabilities the way I felt it would have when I worked for a big corporate company. So in 2019, I’m not holding back. The raw, ugly, incredible, and inspiring stories of my life will be here.  I would love to have you all join my Facebook group, “Raising Girls with Autism.” Please join us!

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