Day 25: My Rant on “Autism Town Hall”

I don’t care what causes autism. The governor’s Research Center for Autism at Rutgers is wasting valuable money that should be treating the living-breathing persons who live in our own state

Normal Enough

Hopefully someday, she’ll be as confident as her mother. My goal is to give her the tools, not to chip away at her like a sculpture of some other kid I imagined she’d be.

Parents are turning Inclusion into Exclusion

The Child Study Team looked at me like some maniac, not understanding how a 4-year-old could be excluded from everywhere already and I had to actually break this down for them: Exclusion is a form of bullying. And yes, it starts outside of the classroom I recently called an IEP meeting to discuss my daughter’s preschool situation — that 2.5 Continue reading Parents are turning Inclusion into Exclusion