5 Unexpected Things That Some Kids with Autism do in Public

There is a time and a place for teaching discipline and that time is not during a meltdown.


Dear Friends and Family, It’s Been a While

I never thought about that until today.

I don’t have time to get depressed or get my own therapy. I’m so busy holding it together for my daughter that it has completely and utterly consumed my entire life.

I tell myself it is probably nothing as it has always been nothing in the past; I just had a round of bloodwork that checked out okay. But what if it wasn’t?

What would happen if it wasn’t? I thought about this today and have never felt more alone.

It’s been a while.

Parents are turning Inclusion into Exclusion

The Child Study Team looked at me like some maniac, not understanding how a 4-year-old could be excluded from everywhere already and I had to actually break this down for them: Exclusion is a form of bullying. And yes, it starts outside of the classroom I recently called an IEP meeting to discuss my daughter’s preschool situation — that 2.5 Continue reading Parents are turning Inclusion into Exclusion