Day 5: Words and Language are different

As it progressed, it became more evident that there was a bigger issue going on.


Kicked Out of Daycare? Lawyer up! (continued)

Sadly, the most popular content on my blog is the bits about what to do when your child’s enrollment is terminated from daycare. Today, during some additional research, I came across this court case against a YMCA in Ohio. Basically, if your child needs moficiations such as staff to undergo training to learn how to Continue reading Kicked Out of Daycare? Lawyer up! (continued)

Normal Enough

Hopefully someday, she’ll be as confident as her mother. My goal is to give her the tools, not to chip away at her like a sculpture of some other kid I imagined she’d be.

Parents: Never Say Never

I feel like I learn something new each day on this journey. Some days have successes and others bring failures. No matter what the day brings, I keep telling myself never to say never when it comes to Ally. She surprises me every day.