Up all night

Ally didn’t sleep last night and was wide awake for nearly 24 hours straight.

This has never happened.


We started Zoloft four days ago, 10mg at night. She has been kind, alert, and happy since. But is insomnia going to be a thing now?

After four tries at putting her in her room, in bed like we do every night, she was still wide awake.

My husband laid with her, Alexa read her stories, I gave her a bath, let her sleep on the floor next to my bed and by 4 am, she was still awake. I sent her back to her room.

She was quiet for a couple of hours between 5:30 and 8 am, and I hope she fell asleep but I am not 100% sure.

Now she is bouncing off the walls.

All night she couldn’t stop talking. Asking questions.
What did George Washington wear to his wedding? Why are there planets?
What does Mars smell like?
Alexa, how many blades of grass are there in the universe?

This has never happened with her.