A Typical Child Wants, a Special Education Student Needs


I overheard two parents complaining about the associated costs to their district to send a child with a disability to an out of district school. They were obviously involved with their local board of education. And they clearly didn’t realize they were in the company of a special needs mom.

Why should a child who can’t behave take fifty-thousand-dollars away from our budget? What about our technology needs and the sports budget? How is it fair for our kids to make sacrifices for a bad kid?

He was in my daughter’s class last year and that kid was a royal pain in the ass. His outbursts were downright dangerous.

His parents need to just discipline him.

Maybe if he were homeschooled, they’d have to.

And there is nothing wrong with our special education program, our teachers are qualified to teach him just fine. It’s his behavior that is out of control and we are all paying for it with our kid’s sacrifices.

That last part lingered on me. Their kid’s sacrifices. Their kid’s sports. Their kid’s technology.

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