For those asking about medication…

I get a lot of messages and comments asking me about medications and side effects and whatnot. 

On one of my posts where I spoke about medication, I failed to mention the complicated realm of how different generic pharmaceutical companies can impact how well they work. 

For Guanfacine tablets, there are two main companies that my local pharmacies carry: Mylan and Amneal. For whatever reason, Mylan is the magic potion that helps my kiddo. 

We were finally able to get it again last month after several months and our daughter has had some of the best weeks ever in May. She has been polite, patient, and overall kind. 

However, when I picked up her refill, we were told the Mylan was no longer available and was on back order again. 

Just two days back on Amneal and we have a fresh little monster who is being carried away by impulses and bad words. She woke up at 6 am and has been going, going, gone like the energizer bunny. 

It is crazy how the same exact medication can change its effectiveness on something as small as shape and compound.  

More than one local pharmacy has confirmed that they cannot currently place orders for the Mylan brand generic because of manufacturing delays. They offered to wait but I was out of pills and I thought—what’s worse? The other brand or no meds at all?

This is what it is like to use pharma interventions. As much as people want to act like it is some easy way out or cop out, it brings a whole other level of issues. 

Here I am, tweeting at Mylan. 

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