Day 30: What to Remember about Autism Awareness Month.

1. Our kids are people too. People that are aware of your reactions. They can see you and hear from you.

They are also smart. 




2. Autism is not a physical deformity and usually does not present visible physical impairments. And just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it is there. 

And verbal kids don’t have it easier, their journey is just different. 

3. Our kids work hard each day to adapt to our world because the world doesn’t adapt to them. It is exhausting. Cut them some slack. 

4. Bad parenting does not cause it and good parenting can’t fix it. 

5. Our kids struggle with friendships and social skills, so just be a friend. 

6. There is nothing wrong with our children.

7. They are capable, not “high functioning.”

8. The parents of children on the spectrum are freaking exhausted. We put our entire life into helping our kiddos and don’t get a chance to take care of our own needs. If you are part of our life, remind us to do things for ourselves. Sometimes we need to hear it. 

9. Please don’t give us grief over our kid’s screen time and food choices. 

10. It doesn’t end in April. 

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