Day 16: Anxiety has Many Faces

This is going to be more like a list because it is extremely overwhelming right now and I am still figuring out how to deal with this s-show. 

My daughter’s anxiety has been frustrating and to a level it has never reached in the past. 

It also presents itself in different ways. 

The first is fear and panic. 

She has been crying several times per hour about the following:

Her nail broke and she is worried she will break too. 

She saw a mark on her leg and asked if it would heal. 

Fear that there will be poop in her pants when she farts. 

Afraid of having a “sweaty” butt. Will the sweat turn into poop?

Ants are going to get her. 

Shadows are scaring her. She has needed to sleep with lights on for the first time in her life—she wakes up worried in the middle of the night. 

She screamed outside the other day because she was afraid she was going to blow away in the wind. 

The only way I can handle these scenarios is to downplay everything with it being no big deal. 

We took her to the insect museum to battle that fear and it helped but I can’t do that for every single fear this kid has. 

Her anxiety also presents the need to control everyone and everything. 

Spitting in my face if I don’t let her take a bath at 3 pm. 

Kicking her feet against the floor and walls unless I agree that cookies are healthy. She has this fixation on food being healthy right now. (BTW, I let her kick because I am not going to let her control me)

Using attention seeking behavior to get her way. 

“I’m never going to get hurt right?” And then this one leads to a meltdown. Why would I agree to this? I am not going to give her some false sense of security so she can jump off of the couch and then scream at me because I promised she could never get hurt. 

Right now, she is already worrying about tomorrow. What she is going to wear. Where she is going. Who she will be with. 

She has paced in circles and is now rage coloring. 

I’m doing my best to make sure she knows things in advance because she is less anxious when she has her schedule, routine, and knows what we are going to do but at the same time, it gives her the opportunity to worry about plans she doesn’t want to partake in even though it isn’t a choice for her. 

Please let this be a phase.

I have enough gray hair.

As a mother, don’t I worry enough for her?