Why I let my daughter climb up the slide


That kid at Gymboree class who is on the floor screaming, throwing her fists in the air, and flinging her little body around like frying bacon because I told her “No.” She belongs to me.

I told her she could not climb up the slide, for no other reason that it was pissing other parents off
. They all have to correct their kids, “No, No. We go the right way.”

Whenever my kid wants to explore the slide and other climbers from the opposite side, I notice the eye rolling and little comments to their children about doing things “the right way” from the other parents.

During circle time, my daughter stands in the middle of the circle and claps, cheers, sings, and even runs and gives the teacher a hug. It’s adorable and charming, and I encourage it. The other kids are sitting on their parents laps like cute little puppets.

When she has had enough singing and dancing, my daughter runs out of the circle and back onto the play gym and dives through the tunnels and tries out all of the new climbers.

Again, I see all of the parents irritated dispositions. When I have tried to pull her back to the circle and redirect her attention to the group, she throws herself on the floor and has a full blown tantrum. All she wants to do is go-go-go on her own.

This troubled me because I want her to be happy and I don’t want to ruin the class for the other kids. I almost gave up my membership and pulled her out of class because of it.

But then one day, she was climbing up the slide again and made it to the top in all of four seconds before I could correct her, another parent said to me, “She’s got some leadership skills.”

Finally, somebody else who doesn’t want their child to be perfect.

“Exactly!” I shout, proud of my daughter. That is exactly what she’s got.

You know the fine motor skills it takes a kid to climb up the slide at only 20 months old? A lot. And my kid can do it and she does it well.

And it makes her happy and she cheers, “Hooray” when she does it, proud of her little accomplishment. I’m proud that she is curious and independent.

I am tired of hearing these wannabe perfect parents of their imperfect children talking about the “right way.”

I’m raising an explorer, an out of the box thinker, a little leader. If my kid climbing up the slide bothers you, you should probably pull that 4 foot stick out of your ass because my kid is going to lead the world into greatness someday.

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